About Us

Campfire was born from our passion for storytelling.

Yes, our founders made The Blair Witch Project. But if you think it was just a movie, you’d be mistaken. It was a tale that evolved in the press and online and through genre fans and dozens of other little experiences to create an experience much larger than any single film could contain. The movie was just the centerpiece in a complex series of encounters. Legends were seeded. Stories evolved. Advocacy grew. And the film became a sensation before it ever reached a single theater.

This transmedia approach to telling stories across multiple channels and media was a new way to create and manage a brand launch. Since this lofty beginning, we’ve applied these principles to generate unprecedented buzz and engagement for dozens of companies.


Mike Monello


Mike has been intimately involved in the creative development of every project that has come through Campfire’s doors. From Beta-7 to Frenzied Waters, he's led work that has been awarded top honors at the One Show, Clio, Mixx, ad:Tech, and Addy awards. A vocal force in the world of transmedia storytelling, Mike has spoken at many prestigious events, including Futures of Entertainment at M.I.T. and leading panels at SXSW Interactive.

Prior to co-founding Campfire, Mike was a co-creator of The Blair Witch Project – a movie that changed the way marketers approached the Internet. Before that, he worked at the Florida Film Festival for five years, where he did everything from selling tickets to acting as program director. Mike graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Motion Picture Technology.

Steve Coulson


Long before joining Campfire, I worked my way through college as a restaurant magician in London.

That’s a tough gig — moving from table to table, struggling to get the attention of strangers as you go. But I learned that the best way to win over audiences is by inviting them to participate in stories, rather than simply performing tricks for applause.

It’s a valuable lesson I brought with me to big ad agencies as a Creative Director for 12 years, before finding my groove at Campfire in 2009.

It was only there that I could finally practice what I preached: earning eyeballs — and more importantly, hearts and minds — with compelling ideas, rather than buying them with media dollars.

Since then my work has been featured by major media outlets, studied at top universities and won many industry awards. More significantly, it’s generated thriving fan followings for my client partners, propelling premium shows and products to success.