Amazon Prime Video

ComplexCon Experience

ComplexCon is an expertly-curated festival of streetwear brands, people and trends that are what's now and next in pop culture. These sophisticated consumers have a high appreciation for art, music, fashion, design, and culture. 

For Prime Video, we knew we’d have to go in authentically and respectfully to win the hearts of attendees at ComplexCon, so we collaborated with artists Jeff Staple and Distortedd to create exclusive drops for Prime Video’s Fairfax and The Boys. The double-sided booth experience allowed guests to experience the vibe of each show and cop exclusive free drops.

For The Boys, attendees entered a dimly lit alley with sketchy characters. After guests flipped the giant middle finger on the wall, the back of a truck opened and they were handed one of several exclusive The Boys drops.

On the Fairfax side, guests entered the streetwear shop LATRINE, from the brightly colored world of the show. Inside they chatted up Latrine employees, snapped photos and pulled the “Drop Lever” to receive Fairfax swag.

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