El Rey

Slaves for Santanico

In 2014, Campfire helped El Rey Network generate awareness and excitement for the premiere of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, a TV show based on Robert Rodriguez’ film of the same name. Inspired by fan culture’s love for the character Santanico Pandemonium, we created “Santanico’s Party Line.” This immersive experience combined innovative out-of-home, mobile and social to give fans everywhere the chance to talk on the phone with the demonic temptress. Talking urinal cakes and burlesque posters were placed in dive bars promoting Santanico’s 1-800 number. Fans who called experienced a dynamic phone conversation with Santanico, where she’d demand they prove their devotion. She’d respond to callers based on their originality, creativity and depravity. Her favorites were immortalized on the Tumblr: SlavesForSantanico.com.

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