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To promote the premiere of AMC Network’s NOS4A2 (based on Joe Hill’s novel of the same name), we brought the main character Charlie Manx and his classic car to BookCon in New York City to deliver “soul sucker” candy canes and share Christmasland gifts with the masses. Nobody expected Christmas presents in the summertime, but that’s exactly what did with this stunt that helped create intense buzz before the N0S4A2 premiere. 

At BookCon, 4 “children” who looked like Charlie Manx’s victims shared his iconic candy canes and used them to lure people into the experience. These actors were spread around the activation for maximum coverage. Each candy cane they distribute had a N0S4A2 label attached with a QR code and the location of Manx’s nearby car. 

Scan the QR code with your phone camera and it took you right to the Facebook Camera and an Augmented Reality filter that literally sucked your life out. Over 3-5 seconds, it gave you creepy face veins and long, sharp teeth, just like Manx and his victims. 

As people showed their shared AR selfies, our team used a remote control to open the french doors of the car, allowing each person to choose a present.

“The photo experience was a great way to promote the new AMC series.”
Geeks of Doom

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