National Geographic

Expedition Granted

National Geographic asked us to create an original multi-channel campaign that would help redefine what “exploration” means for a new generation, while seamlessly integrating two high profile advertising brands – Jeep and Dos Equis – into the entertainment experience. Our solution was National Geographic’s Expedition Granted – a program designed to crowdsource expedition ideas from budding explorers, and then let the public vote on who should win the grand prize of $50,000. To provide inspiration and guidance, we assembled a team of advisors all renowned for exploring uncharted territory in their chosen fields, including film director Casey Neistat, multimedia artist Kenzo Digital, musician Thomas Dolby and chef Wiley Dufresne. The 12 week program saw over a million visits and more than 300,000 votes cast, until our winner emerged from a diverse and talented group of shortlisted explorers.

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