History of the World, Part II

Inspired by the mash-up style of History of the World, Part II, we took over the Hollywood Legion Theater to create an immersive romp through Mel Brook’s hilarious take on world events, loaded with sight gags, photo opportunities and other custom elements inspired by the series. We brought cast, crew, press and VIPs together to create a History of the World, Part II red carpet event, screening and reception. 

Since comedy, at its heart, is a live performance, we recreated numerous vignettes from the series including the World’s First Step and Repeat and the Water to Wine Bar, where guests were welcomed by an actor playing Jesus in full costume who, you guessed it, turned water into wine!  

The event had a flavor of classic Hollywood but with a touch of Mel Brook's zaniness and featured surprise and delight moments throughout the space.

Production Company: 3CS

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